Our story

Headquartered in the city of São Paulo, Monte Libano has been operating in the thermoplastic injected products segment since 1977. The company, with 100% Brazilian capital, is the result of the experience acquired in years of dedication to work, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, highlighting in the plastics market with a history of success. Until 1991, it developed and manufactured only household appliances. After changes in management in 1991, it started producing only toys. However, the opening of the foreign market in 1994 and the great competition exerted by Chinese toys made Monte Libano decide to diversify, investing not only in toys, but also in household appliances.

In constant renewal, following global trends, Monte Libano is always developing products to update its line of toys and housewares. Proof of this is having been the pioneer in the manufacture of organizers in Brazil, in addition to being, in the toy segment, a leader in the manufacture of building blocks with licensed dolls. Currently, an absolute sales success.

Always keeping an eye on the future, in search of continuous development is the philosophy of Monte Libano, whose main objective is to entertain children from different social classes and make domestic life easier, making a commitment to producing toys and household items with quality and safety for its customers.

Its administrative posture is extremely efficient, based on continuous investments in infrastructure and annual launches. Its products stand out mainly for their quality, fair price and modern design. Its constant quest is to create, manufacture and distribute products that are increasingly competitive and compatible with the latest market trends.

Aiming for even greater quality and durability of its products, Monte Libano uses top-of-the-line raw materials. His portfolio is varied; Currently, there are more than 500 items in its UD and toy lines, all of which are certified based on the current toy ordinance and distributed throughout the country.

Monte Libano also stands out for its service and support to its customers; more than eighty representatives who serve a wide range of customers throughout Brazil.

Monte Libano commitment is to permanently seek to improve its Quality Management System. All details are followed with great affection and care, with the aim of serving everyone involved in the process, however, our greatest joy is knowing that our products will reach our customer and leave them satisfied!

Mounte Libano – Products for the whole Family and the best Fun!

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