Founded on july 5, 1977, Monte Líbano, a company with 100% brazilian capital, is the result of experience gained from years of hard work, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the plastics market with a success story. Until 1991 it developed and manufactured only housewares. After the changes on the board in 1991, went on to produce just toys. However, the opening of foreign markets in 1994 and the great competition from chinese toys encouraged Monte Líbano to diversify, investing, then not only in toys, but also in domestic appliances.

In constant renewal, following world trends, Monte Líbano is always developing products to update its line of toys and housewares. Proof of this is the fact that it was a pioneer in manufacturing organizers in brazil, and its porta tudo (multistorage) line, one of its flagships.

Monte Líbano is also a result of the efforts and commitment of its employees and suppliers who help in the constant search for quality and safety of their products and services.

Always looking towards the future with spirit in search of prosperity and continuous development is the philosophy of Monte Líbano, whose main objective is to provide children with fun , from different social classes and facilitate domestic life, making a commitment to produce toys and household goods with quality and safety for its customers.